Welcome to the Finnish exhibit Fluid Stages at PQ19!

Fluid Stages exhibition consists of

a site-sensitive and ongoing installation by KOKIMO and a durational performance, a series of performative gestures by KOKIMO, both inside the Industrial Palace


of seven independent performative satellite artworks around Prague curated by KOKIMO.

The starting point of the concept for Fluid Stages is an experience of the world as a scenographic landscape: as stage, as montage, as a series of scenes. By focusing one’s perception and sharpening the senses, the artworks included in the Finnish national exhibition enable a multisensory reading of various layers of existence.

In the core of the concept is the stage-audience relation of which a simple audience chair functions as the visual symbol. The chairs missing from the auditorium can be found from the satellites.

Fluid Stages Performance

The durational, site-sensitive Fluid Stages Performance by the curator group, the Art Collective KOKIMO, is in active multisensory and experiential contact with the surrounding space and its happenings.
Performances start at the Finnish exhibit, in the Right Wing of the Industrial Palace. The performance has limited capacity: first come, first serve. The duration is approximately 50 minutes.

Timetable: 8 June at 12.20 & 23.00 | 9 June at 12.20 & 18.45 | 10 June at 12.20 | 11 June at 18.45 | 12 June at 12.20 & 18.45 | 14 June at 12.20 | 15 June at 12.20 | 16 June at 12.20.

KOKIMO Art Collective is an independent group of artists, designers and curators, founded in 2010 and based in Helsinki, Finland. KOKIMO works collaboratively and site-sensitively.

KOKIMO members: Kristian Ekholm, Markus Heino, Raisa Kilpeläinen, Viljami Lehtonen, Anna Murtola, Veera-Maija Murtola, Anna Pöllänen & Salla Salin.

Fluid Stages Satellites

There are seven independent satellite artworks spread out around Prague.

Siru Kosonen, Hannah Maria Ouramo, Markus Lindén: Suck My Chair (2019)
Milla Martikainen, Kati Raatikainen, Sofia Simola, Petra Vehviläinen, Eero Erkamo: Acts of Care (2017)
Anna Nykyri, Félix Blume, Veli Lehtovaara, Andrea Valencia: Sonic Presence of an Absent Choreography (2019)
Kalle Rasinkangas: World Space (2019)
Alexander Salvesen, Eero Nieminen, Karoliina Kauhanen, Katriina Tavi, Pinja Poropudas: Mindscapes Landscapes (2017)
Laura & Veikko Sariola: Robot Loves – A Little Bit Closer (2019)
Marja Uusitalo: No Doubt (2019).

Locations, timetables & more information:
www.kokimo.fi & www.oistat.fi & Facebook

Throughout the festival we have other events, too:

Fluid Stages Book Launch

Three new publications from Finland will be launched at PQ19 as a part of Fluid Stages: Pasi Räbinä: The Print of Beauty. Aalto ARTS Books, 2019; Tomi Humalisto, Kimmo Karjunen & Raisa Kilpeläinen (ed.): 360 Degrees – Focus on Lighting Design. The Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, 2019 and KOKIMO: Fluid Stages Exhibition Catalogue, The Finnish OISTAT Centre, 2019.
7 June at 10am–12am at Gauč ve Stromovce, Prague Quadrennial Exhibition Grounds. Book Signing at the Central Hall at 3pm–5pm.

Fluid Stages Meet & Greet

The event is an opportunity to meet in person, hear about the exhibition concept and the work of Finnish artists participating at the Finnish PQ19 ECR Exhibition Fluid Stages.
13 June at 2pm–5pm at Gauč ve Stromovce, Prague Quadrennial Exhibition Grounds.

We also have an artist as a part of exhibition Fragments, Liisa Ikonen. She is a scenographer and the professor in design for the performing arts in Aalto University. Liisa Ikonen’s Dialogic Scenography: Phenomenological Interpretation of an Alternative Work Process (2006) was the first doctoral dissertation concerning alternative scenographic working methods outside repertoire theatre and without a pre-written script in Finland.

In addition to these there are also several Finns such as Kaisa Illukka, Teo Paaer and Niskanen & Salo representing Finland in different curatorial exhibitions. This year the Finnish student exhibition Kolo (2019) is a common creation by Aalto University and Theatre Academy students.

Fluid Stages if coordinated by the Finnish OISTAT Centre.

Best Regards,
The Curator of the Finnish PQ19 ECR Exhibition Fluid Stages

Photo Collage: KOKIMO



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