Bee Company at PQ23


The artist collective Bee Company – Mehiläisten seura represents Finland at PQ23 in the Finnish national exhibition, curated by a curator group Auvinen–Ijäs–Karjunen–Kilpeläinen–Murtola–Peltola from the board of the Finnish OISTAT Centre. Bee Companys suggestion, a version of their existing and ongoing project, was chosen via open call.

The theme of PQ23 is RARE and the Finnish national exhibition will be addressed under the sub-theme a future vision for post-pandemic theatre, performance and scenography.

With their work Bee Company asks an ecoscenographical question: what can a multidisciplinary artist collective learn from non-human ways of living, working and being creative? In addition to the honeybees, the working group comprises six members with diverse artistic backgrounds and practices. This allows for exciting cross-pollinations and novel entrances into shared performance making, exhibition practices, processes and perspectives. Both internally and externally, the group shares creative research processes and perspectives to explore what beekeeping and dancing as sharing lifeworlds with non-human others can be.

Bee Company’s artists:
Aino Aksenja, Ingvill Fossheim, Catharina Kajander & Ina Niemelä

The Finnish national exhibition at PQ23  is coordinated by the Finnish OISTAT Centre.

Photo | Aino Aksenja